School fee is charged every month at a time and is payable by the 10th of the month. After 10th a fine of Rs. 5/- per day shall be charged. If the fee is not paid for a month the name of the student will be struck off. The readmission, if granted, will be only on payment of readmission charges i.e. Rs. 200/- and late fee.

Fee can be deposited by A/c payee cheque or in cash. Annual charges are payable with first installment payable in April.


  1. Please do not send fee in cash through any body. Get the receipt immediately after depositing the fee at counter. No complaints will be entertained if the cash receipt is not collected from the fee counter.
  2. If the payment is by cheque then, please write the name of your ward & class/section on the back of the cheque & send only crossed cheque in favor of School, in case of dishonoring of the cheque Rs. 100 + fine as applicable will be charged.